Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milkyway to Big-Bang-Space Cosmology Vedas Interlinks-update
Sub: Necessity- AStrophysical Index
Need to evolve a sensitive mode Astrophysical Index. outlines were given in MIlky-way Sensex- search beyond dark-mode concepts. Welcome support east-West Center for Cosmological Index.Search Cosmology vedas Interlinks .There are many aspects that can be linked at the Milkyway Galactic Plane- Creation-Stability-flow Reflector concepts as a deduction from Origins.scientific Community can catch-up through Science in philosophy
Article: The History of the Universe: From Big Bang to Big Blah .February 20, 2012
Sub: Necessity-Demand- origins- Comprehension
The concepts- bag-Bang- big-blah does not inspire scientific Studies. The stability concepts and critical process are ignored.From Planck-scale to Heart of Universe- there lies dimensional knowledge frame- that can help Space-Cosmology studies. Space-time-Energy concepts need comprehension.Scientific frame of mind means- apparent and inherent self-contradictions must be isolated - no dogma here. Awake in time to establish Credibility and transparency that can enlighten next generations. Search origins in right earnest. Cosmological index helps in time ibid
Sub: Big-Bang does not Inspire-Better search-Origins
From Planck-scale to Undefined Universe- the concepts through Big-bang have many inherent and apparent self-contradictions. Pseudo-state, ambivalence and Intellectual anarchy- do not provide a healthy mode to catch-up Enlightened Spirit.Big-Bang has no defition. Search origins- from shaded Universe to Cosmic function of the Universe and Cosmology Definition.COSMOLOGICAL INDEX-MILKYWAY SENSEX-VISIBLE -INVISIBLE MATRIX By VIDYARDI NANDURI 2010..