Saturday, October 29, 2011

Light Flow Interaction-Plasma Vision Faster than Light Speed- Science of Cosmology Vedas -leads to next dimensional Knowledge Adhato Brahma Jijnasah- Light occupies the shape of Body Plasma occupies the shape of the body -IEEE ICOPS-1991 -V Nanduri One sees the bend of Light-modes through Van-Aleen belts. How does the Energy beome Enlightened Spirit ? Searching Minds-Guiding Spirit See Cosmology vedas Interlinks-next Dimensional frame-set see books-Plasma Vision of the Universe-1993 and PREM Universe concepts in 2.ADHATO BRAHMA JIJNASAH-Cosmology needs best of brains trust Inadequacy in perception is a realisation Support Enlightened Spirit-Searching eye-Guiding Spirit LHC misleads the spirit of Science. East-West interaction in time helps through Cosmology vedas interlinks. Protect copyrighs- Books-http://vidyardhicosmology.blogspot